5 Most Popular Forms of Photography in the World

An aspiring photographer always has the freedom to explore different forms of photography. So, if you’re a beginner in this field, you can get started by experimenting with one particular niche. Then you can consider switching to another one if things aren’t going your way. 

One of the benefits you’ll get by doing this is that you’ll be constantly improving your skills. As you become more experienced, you’ll realize that it’s hard to master a style unless you stick to it. Here are the most popular forms of photography you can consider before deciding which one’s the best for you:

1. Portrait photography

This is, perhaps, the most popular type of photography in the world today. Today, smartphones with dual cameras have made it possible for anyone to take a self-portrait. In recent times, this is popularly called a ‘selfie’. Despite the use of smartphones, people still hire photographers for getting top-quality portraits. 

Also called ‘candid photography’, it captures an individual’s personality brilliantly. Close-ups, poses, and expressions are some of the major elements of portrait photography. Professionals in this niche mainly photograph models, movie stars, and other famous personalities.

2. Wildlife photography

This form of photography involves capturing some amazing, clear images of wild animals. It must also be done without intruding on their natural habitats. Working in this niche requires the photographer to take lots of safety measures and upgrade the camera equipment frequently. 

Not everyone can be a wildlife photographer and this is why it is a well-paying niche. This form of photography is done in the most challenging conditions and often in remote parts of the world. Many of the techniques used in sports photography are also useful for photographing wildlife.

3. Sports photography

This is a more professional niche in photography. If you’re into sports photography, you’ll have long and heavy lenses. They give you the capability to zoom in to the exact place of action. The lenses are quite special as they can capture the images at fast shutter speeds. 

Even in the process of shooting at such speeds, the images won’t end up underexposed with such lenses. If you wish to explore this form of photography, enhance your ISO. This would enable you to use faster shutter speeds. You’ll also need to experiment with different lenses and angles.

4. Landscape Photography

This form of photography is closely related to travel photography. Contrary to the popular belief, landscape photography is not all about clicking horizontal photos. Some landscape photographs are shot vertically, as they allow the photographer to shoot tall trees and mountains. 

Landscape photographers may work at any point of time from sunrise to sunset and even long after dark. Today, the use of drones has completely revolutionized landscape photography. With the use of drones, it becomes much easier for photographers to capture a bird’s eye view of landscapes. 

5. Event photography

This is is a popular niche and involves a combination of different photography techniques. You’ll be clicking pictures of everything during an event including people, the candid moments, food, and venue. The event can be anything from birthdays and weddings to corporate events and concerts. 

You must know how to tell a story with pictures if you wish to pursue event photography. This involves a lot of practice and skills in dealing with people and covering different types of events. You’ll also require a variety of lenses to get the right shots.

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