Key Aspects of Photographing a Rockstar

If you’re photographing a rockstar, you may have to encounter more challenges than you’ve ever imagined. It’s more apparent in concerts, where you have no control over the artist. You’ll certainly need to shoot them in such a manner that they’re not offended and cooperate with you. 

There are certain tricks you’ll have to employ in order to get those perfect shots. Some of them can only be learned through experimentation and experience.

Capturing the moments

When shooting some of the rock artists, you’ll need to keep an eye for the key moments. An example of such a moment can be the one when the artist bends back with the guitar. Yet another example would be an artist taking his belt off. You’d want to capture a moment that the other photographers might miss. 

For this to happen, you must know the music beforehand so that you can anticipate those special moments. If a particular show is being repeated, you’ll know when it’s coming. One good idea would be to have a good look at the artist’s past videos.

Having the best camera

The versatility of Nikon and Canon cameras have made them a favorite among the photographers of rockstars. Earlier, many of them used large-format cameras when digital cameras didn’t exist. Today, the incredible features of digital cameras have made the film-based cameras nearly obsolete. You can get the maximum sharpness, resolution, and color saturation with digital cameras. 

Finding that perfect spot

Many of the photographers want to be right in front of the artist while shooting. There’s always a possibility of the artist not liking such actions. You can use a longer lens to avoid getting too close to the stage where the artist is performing. In case you’re not able to get such a spot, try to find the best possible location. You can shoot from one of the closest rows possible or stand on top of something to get a better shot.

Creating the artist’s personality 

Almost every lead vocalist displays a certain kind of persona on the stage. Of course, there are some who have a nearly expressionless face or don’t use hand or arm gestures. Some artists are hyperactive on stage. To shoot them, you’ll have to constantly look for the right angles. 

If the artist is static, you may need to create a composition that makes even a boring photograph exciting. This may involve using the lighting of the concert to your advantage. In this way, you can try to create something bigger than what’s actually there.

Concerts versus controlled environments

When you’re shooting the artist in a controlled environment, such as a studio, things are quite different. It may require you to know the psychology of the artist and try to be as quick as possible. Many of the A-list artists may not want more than a few minutes to get something done. 

You must try to accomplish a shot within two to fifteen minutes. You’re more likely to become a favorite of the artist if you manage to get this right.

The best subject

Most of the photographers of rockstars would agree that a self-realized artist makes for the best subject. Such artists carry a great charm with their tattoos, chains, bracelets, and other things. Some of the rockstars are quite bland in the way they dress. You’ll have to take all the extra efforts to make such artists look great in the photographs. 

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