5 Elements That Are Essential for Great Photographs

It takes a lot of skill, patience, and time to create some fantastic photographs. All of these are employed by the photographer to look into the scene, compose, and study the technical details. Only then can he or she create some amazing photographs. A meaningful photograph is always a good combination of several elements. These are the things that a photographer must focus on, in order to get the desired result. 

It is often quite difficult to get all of these elements right in a single frame. Many times, what people view as good images will contain only one or two of these elements. Nevertheless, a photographer must always strive to get these five elements together in a photograph:

1. Light

This is the most important element in photography. As light illuminates the scene or the subject in question, it is fundamental to all the excellent photographs. It can either be created artificially or can be derived from a natural source. 

What is really important here is the direction of light, as it creates a certain mood within the photograph. It emphasizes the key objects within the frame and creates depth in the image. The photographs can be made more dramatic by the photographer by using the lights and shadows creatively.

2. Distance

The distance that a photographer chooses between him or her and the subject truly matters in photography. It also determines what focal length the photographer needs to shoot at. The distance must be such that all the important parts must fit into the frame. 

The distance to be chosen would depend on the situation and the outcome that the photographer desires. Some images may look powerful if they are shot closer to the subject. Others may appear fabulous if they are shot keeping the subject at a greater distance from the camera.

3. Color

Just like light, color goes a long way in setting the mood of an image. Color also has the power to influence the emotions of the viewer. It can also be used for composition in order to create contrasts. This particular element in photography plays an important role in making the image feel exciting, or gloomy, or mysterious. 

It is one of the major tools for creating a strong photograph that evokes emotions. A blue color of the sky against dimly-lit homes in the foreground would look peaceful and tranquil.

4. Moment

Creating a strong moment in a photograph is mostly about having all the elements come together in the frame. It not only highlights a certain action or subject in time but also tells a captivating story. Upon looking at the photograph, the viewer must think that this is something special. 

It must be something that doesn’t happen quite often. Not every photo will capture such a strong moment where all the elements come together perfectly. This is something that a photographer must strive for while trying to capture a subject or an action.

5. Composition

There are several rules, guidelines, and principles that go into the creation of brilliantly composed images. In its essence, the process of composition involves putting together objects in the frame. This is done to emphasize the parts that the photographer wants to stand out in a certain way. 

A good composition can truly make an ordinary scene an extraordinary one. Composition in photography can be very subjective. In the end, it is up to the photographer to decide what works for the given situation.

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